Marlin Rifles was able to attract developed breakthrough and enduring models, such as Models 1891 and 1893. Today known as Models 39 and 336 respectively, they are the oldest shoulder arm designs in the world still being produced. The lever action 22 repeater (now Model 39) even became the favorite of many exhibition shooters, including the great Annie Oakley.



The Marlin 1895 Rifle is a tried-and-true configuration of the legendary lever action rifles. It delivers smooth lever action performance like no other lever action rifle. The Marlin 1895 is made with six heat-treated and machined steel forgings that provide greater strength. It also has a flat top receiver that protects against rain, snow, and debris. This makes it a great base for mounting a scope. Marlin’s classic lever action with walnut stock and iron sights. Shop for Marlin 1895 rifle online with  today.

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